Complete Guide for Smart Ring Users
Complete Guide for Smart Ring Users

Complete Guide for Smart Ring Users

Complete Guide for Smart Ring Users

Smart tech has a role in modern world, everything is getting smart now a day, and now it’s time for Smart Ring so here is complete guide for smart ring users. Suppose that you are on dinner somewhere and you smartpone rings, ooh it was an alert of sending an email, after some it again rings this time was a message, a few later it rings again, you are getting distracting again and again by these rings and it is also annoying for your guest or host. Is there any solution for this, yes of course but it’s again a gadget, this time it’s a ring a Smart Ring. Yes to counter a technological issue we are again using technology.
If you are having a smart ring, you can be relaxed from your phone, or at least you don’t have to get separated from the party. Keep your phone silent and enjoy the party, your ring can tell you when an important email needs to be answered. Otherwise, pending tasks, messages and email have to wait while you enjoying the party with your friends. In the mean time you can miss some important message from your boss or from your home which could be embarrassing later, you’re smart ring will alert you about any activity or new notification on your smartphone.

What a smart ring can do for you?

Yet it’s new in scene therefore can’t say too much about it but we can have a little idea about it, that what kind of services these finger mounted gadgets can offer you.
The main feature of a smart ring is Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a close-range wireless technology that able any two Bluetooth-enabled gadgets to communicate, as far away as 100 meters or 328 feet. You must have seen hands-free Bluetooth earphones that help you to make cell phone calls without holding the phone in your hand. Same like those earphones, smart rings have a Bluetooth chip in it, which is a very tiny radio that can send and receive signals from nearby gadgets. As other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets, smart rings have to be integrated with a smartphone. Once phone recognizes and gets integrated with the smart ring, both devices can talk then. It has become possible due to Bluetooth for smart rings to work as notification gadgets; it can also work as remote controls for Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and appliances.
As a revolutionary twist, a few smart rings are using finger-pointing signal to control Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. Point towards a TV and turn the power button on in the air. Switch to the next slide in a PowerPoint presentation by pointing your finger having a smart ring in it. For signal-based gadgets, the smart ring is not only having a Bluetooth chip, as well as a few kind of motion-sensing engine. The motion-sensing hardware and software senses the real-time place of the ring and sends that data via Bluetooth to the target gadget.

Types of notifications

Ringly is the smart ring that has moved beyond the prototype stage, a fashionable gem of a device whose sole task is to send notifications from an integrated smartphone. Anyone wearing smart ring can leave the phone in purse or pocket and still feel connected to the most important contacts and social media and emails and many more. Ringly works by allowing the user program the smart ring to send a custom notification for certain kind of messages and also for special contacts. Ringly can send notifications by 4 different vibration types and five different colors. With the help of Ringly app, users can match up one vibration type for text messages, and another for incoming calls. All calls are equally significant; the user can further modify Ringly to flash green when the text is from a friend or red in case a call from wife.

Some famous Smart Rings

NFC Ring

Top of the list is NFC ring; it can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transferring data and to link people via social media. The ring packs two NFC tags 1 for public information and 1 for more sensitive material. Private tag for your personal things like door lock and payment details exists on the inner part of the ring nearest to the palm, so that it needs a conscious signal to use. And public part, for things that you want to show publically, for example email address, exists on the upper side of the finger. Waterproof to 50m, having a pretty nice design.

Smarty Ring

The Smarty Ring came up with some big claims, principally intending to pack all the technologies being expected in a smartwatch into a ring. A very little screen will display notifications from your smartphone plus allowing outgoing calls for some specific numbers, managing your playlists and can trigger the camera. Also having the features of a digital watch.


Ringly is the leader in the smart jewellery field. As a matter of fact that the ring looks like an awesome piece of jewellery that anyone would like to wear, there are no clear vivid evidences marking it out as a device. Wisely the manufacturer has kept it simple, without display, just slight notifications from your smartphone, letting to choose what comes through either emails, texts or social updates and you can even select just to attend calls, messages from specific people.



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