How to get fair skin in natural way

How to get fair skin in natural way

How to get fair skin in natural way

How to get fair skin is general question which is asked by a lot of people of every age. If you have a beautiful skin then any person how see will ask that you have a perfect skin but on the other hand if you do not have a beautiful skin then it is said that your skin is rough and not a fair skin. Skin is more sensitive part of body it requires extra and proper care. A fair and beautiful skin shows the freshness of a face. Fair skin brings an amazing beauty in your whole personality. Clear and fair skin is dream of men and women.  But here a question comes into the mind that how to get fair skin? It is not a very difficult problem you can solve it at your home. For the freshness and fairness of skin we have to use some tested home remedies. Here we will tell you some best working and effective home remedies for your question of how to get fair skin at home.

Some remedies for how to get fair skin

Orange juice

Orange is natural fairness toner of our skin. You can use it for the fairness of skin. Orange juice keeps our skin healthy and fair because the vitamins A and C which are present in the orange juice is useful for minimizing pigmentation and spots which are come on the skin.   

Get 3 tbsp of orange juice then dip a little cotton wool in it and dab it on your face softly. After this leave it for 5 to 8 minutes and then wash it off with icy water. Do this treatment for 7 days to get fair skin.

Lemon juice

Lemon is also an amazing cleaning agent for skin. The citric acid in it has the capability to remove the dark spots from the skin. It is a good bleaching agent for skin. Get 3 tbsp of fresh lemon juice applies it on your skin and neck leave it for 8 to 10 mints. After 8 to 10 mints wash it off with fresh water and do this treatment for 3 times in a day for some weeks until you do not get fair skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also a very good thing for the skin beauty. It has been used for a long time for the beauty of skin. Aloe Vera can make our skin glowing and soft. An amazing thing about aloe Vera is that it has no side effects. For using Aloe Vera cut it into two parts then massage it on your skin for 10 mints. After it wash it off with cold water then you will feel better.

So, these are all some easy remedies for how to get fair skin. I am sure if you use these remedies at daily basis you can get fair skin in 2 weeks. Keep these remedies in your mind and keep enjoying.


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